What is an engine turning tool?

• Tool required to perform engine borescope inspection
– Aircraft turbines are subject to:

  • Foreign object damage (FOD)
  • Corrosion
  • Thermal deterioration
  • Cracking/distortion

• Borescope inspections allow engine mechanics to evaluate engine damage during scheduled/unscheduled intervals
– Areas of borescope inspection:

  • Compressor
  • Combustor
  • Turbine Section

• Engine must be rotated at low RPM to view all blades in each engine stage for suspected damage
– Two options: manual or automated rotation

• Manual engine rotation

– Socket wrench used to rotate engine to conduct borescope inspection
– Requires minimum two personnel:

  • One tech turns gearbox with wrench
  • One tech observes/reports borescope results

– Problem

  • Inefficient use of labor
  • Inaccurate turning

•How can we automate this process?

What is the FutureDrive?

• Automates engine rotation for borescope inspections
– A fully programmable electronic turning tool that automates N2 rotor shaft positioning for borescope inspections of gas turbine engines

Features & Benefits

• The FutureDriveNG will:
– Reduce inspection labor costs

  • One technician required; man-hours required for borescope operations can be reduced by 50%

– Increase inspection accuracy

  • Drive Motor and electronics provide accuracy far superior to air drive units or manual engine turning

– Maximize process flexibility and repeatability

  • Engine blades in any stage can be viewed individually, from root to tip

• Exceptional portability
– Complete system contained and operated out of ruggedized container

• Total fleet support
– One unit can service many engines
• Ease of operation
– Easy to set up
– Damaged blades can be flagged and stored in memory for easy retrieval

FutureDriveNG System


How do the components connect to an engine?

• Engine-specific adapter connects to AGB

• Drive motor connects FD system adapter
• Adapter connection locations/designs vary based on:
– EMM/AMM requirements
– Interference fits
– User preference

One Unit – Many Engines