High-resolution, non-destructive 3D imaging and measurement

GelSight Mobile™ is a handheld instrument that precisely visualizes and measures the 3D topography of any surface, revealing microscopic structures in real time. It allows fast, easy measurement in situ and detailed analysis on the shop floor, without destruction or component disassembly.


Breakthrough Digital Touch technology

GelSight’s unique elastomeric sensor technology conforms to the topology of any surface, providing instant 3D visualization and measurement of surface structures at micron level.

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Improve productivity for arange of tasks

• Inspecting components forproduction and maintenance
• Measuring scratches, dents,defects, fastener flushness,panel gaps, and more
• Analyzing surface texture
• Inspecting welds
• Forensic analysis/ballistics 

Unmatched Advantages

GelSight Mobile™ provides advantages no other tactile sensing technology can match.

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Delivers repeatable, micron-level 3D data for surface features—more accurate than depth gauge or 2D profilometer.

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Provides results in seconds for fast decision-making. No time-consuming processes or disassembly of parts required.

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Ergonomic, easy-to-use, handheld device can be used anywhere—on the factory floor or out in the field.

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Measures any material—metal, glass, carbon fiber, textiles, skin—including reflective, transparent and translucent surfaces.

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Ease of Use

Intuitive touchscreen interface and automatic generation of reports.



How GelSight Mobile™ works


Elastomeric imaging

Elastomeric sensor conforms tothe surface topology, revealingdetailed features regardless oflighting conditions or reflectivity.Surface detail is displayed inreal time.

3D measurement

A 3D depth map is calculated fromimages of the surface, providingposition, depth and other derivedsurface measurements at a highresolution.




GelSight Mobile™



5 cm x 15.5 cm



400 g



5MP camera, 6.9 μm pixel size

Field of view


16.9 mm x 14.1 mm

Z Sensitivity


< 5 μm

Capture speed


100 ms

3D data speed


available in seconds



USB-C to tablet or laptop